Alcohol Is No Drink


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Know Your Drug..... 

     For far too many years now, alcohol.... (the drug ethanol/ ethane hydroxide/ ethyl alcohol).... has been known and branded by the buzzwords, 'drink', 'beverage', 'booze', 'plonk', 'grog', 'piss', 'sauce', etc. - anything but what it really is - a recreational, psychoactive drug of choice.

 NOTE: Every Government so-called 'drug' website, separates ethane hydroxide/ ethanol/ ethyl alcohol under the term 'Alcohol and Drugs' - alcohol being nothing but a drink in their eyes....except maybe for one week a year 'Drug Action Week', which is followed by 'Drink Inaction' Year. Almost all private anti-drug and drug awareness websites and groups also separate and segregate ethanol from the word 'Drug', which belongs with it.  They separate drug takers by calling their drug takers 'drinkers' and their drug manufacturers 'beverage manufacturers, and their drug dealers 'licensees'. They will do anything to keep the word 'Drug' away from their psychoactive drug product, ethanol. 

  You will notice throughout these pages that we use terms that nobody else who talks about alcohol uses. This is because it is time that people realised that the 'drink' they are consuming, is in fact a drug and to do that we are wielding the same terms that Drug Bodies apply when warning/informing people about 'illicit' drugs. A drug is a drug is a drug.

  • Just like any drug of choice, it has a Criteria of Harm (mortality, morbidity, toxicity, addictiveness and relationship with crime).
  • Just like any drug of choice, it falls into a particular drug category.
  • And just like any drug of choice, the buzzwords 'legal'/'licit' and 'illegal'/ 'illicit' make not a single bit of difference to what the drug ethanol is truly capable of.
  • Just like any drug of choice, the drug ethanol is capable of being respectfully and responsibly used or disrespectfully and irresponsibly abused.

     However, unlike a lot of drugs of choice, the drug ethanol is pushed and advocated in pretty much every medium and part of society available - albeit, under the buzzwords of 'drink' and 'beverage'. Ethanol drug dealers are listed as licensees and publicans etc.,  yet people forget they (the licensees and publicans) are licensed by the Police and Politicians to do what? recreational, psychoactive drug forms.  Ethanol drug labs are called Breweries, and clandestine home ethanol drug labs are called Home Brew Kits, but these buzzwords make no difference to the fact that they are still drug labs.

     Just because a particular recreational, psychoactive drug of choice is advocated by those in Power, does not make it any less of a drug and does not make it any safer than other drugs (licit or illicit). A drug is a drug is a drug.

             Firstly, we would like to state for the record......

      We are NOT against the consumption of the drug ethanol.

      It is just another drug of choice and everyone has their own drug of choice. We are, however, against the abuse and abusive practices of this drug, which is where the major problem lies.  Therefore.....

.......this website is dedicated to exposing the deception that follows wherever this drug goes, and also to teaching respectful, responsible use of Australia's supposedly 'Official' Recreational Drug of Choice, (ethanol) and revealing truthful facts that perhaps others will not tell you. 

                                 What is a drug?

     A drug, broadly speaking, is any chemical substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function, which includes brain function.

    All Drugs are chemical substances that affect the central nervous system. The drug Ethanol is a Central Nervous System, Psychoactive Depressant drug.

    All  drugs may be used for perceived beneficial effects on perception, consciousness, personality and behaviour. However, all drugs have the capability to be abused if the human consuming them makes the conscious decision to ABUSE them.

               'Licit' vs 'Illicit' 

   The buzzwords 'licit' and 'illicit'/ 'legal' and 'illegal' make not one iota of a difference to whether an individual chooses to abuse their drug of choice or respectfully and beneficially apply it.

    However, in this country at the moment, (thanks to biased drug policies), the abuse of the drug ethanol is perfectly legal, just like the abuse of the stimulant drugs tri-methyl-xanthine (Caffeine) and Nicotine is perfectly legal, no matter how much death, damage, destruction and side effects (both acute and chronic) they are capable of causing.....when abused.  

                 The cost of Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol Drug Abuse

    In Australia, we have watched the cost of ethanol drug abuse rise from $4.5 BILLION per year to $7.6 BILLION per year, then it was $15.6 BILLION (and you would think that would be enough), and now in 2010 it's $36 BILLION! .....

NEWSFLASH! It's now 2011 and the latest states state that it's now $64 billion. 

    When it was $4.5 billion, we started to write to legal drug takers in denial known as our Politicians and Drug Bodies, stating that this buzzword 'drink' needs to be called what it truly is, a psychoactive recreational drug.

   Then, once recognised as a drug, we could then recognise how much drug pushing and drug influence is now forcefully applied in every medium in Australia, and pretty much Worldwide.  (see following pages/articles)

    The year 2008 was the first year that the Government and Drug Bodies finally found the courage to come out of the closet and admit......"Alcohol is a Drug.....TOO!" (Slogan for Drug Action Week 2008), when the last 4 Drug Action Weeks targeted 'illicits' only, while turning Drug Action week into "Good Booze Week"   --- just like the other 51 weeks of the year.

NOTE: It is now 2011 and legal drug supremacy still makes damn sure that "alcohol is a drug - too!" for only 1 week a year, and is "only a drink" for the other 51 weeks a year. 

     (Pic. above - U.K. - but happens here on a regular basis also).  Quote: ...."The drink-sodden yob culture that plagues our main town three nights a week. Rampant violence, general disorder and even a series of rapes and assaults on young girls - all fuelled by a flood of alcohol at giveaway prices".

"We believe our town centres are for everybody - in the evenings as much as during the day - and we want action. Action to restore the right of ordinary, decent people to walk unafraid and unmolested by those who drink themselves senseless then want to impose their senselessness on others.

                              "Alcohol is a drug....TOO!"     

By this long overdue released statement, we can finally state (without backlash) that Policitians, Councils, Police, Other Law Bodies, Teachers, Sporting Bodies, Fashion, Music, Celebrity, Media etc. Bodies/groups, and Parents, who are constantly touting, "Drugs are bad. Say NO to drugs!" are in fact recreational, psychoactive, drug users, abusers and addicts who have been in denial for far too long now. And these are the ones who write and influence drug policy in this country? A little bit hypocritical, don't you think?


     Considering that 94% of Australians over the age of 14 years old, consume the psychoactive drug ethanol and that 64% of them abuse it, anti-drug bodies like 'Drug-Free Australia' have a long way to go before they reach their delusional 'Shangri-la'/ 'Utopia' of 'No drugs in Australia'. To coin Michael Caton from the movie, "The Castle" - "Tell 'em they're dreaming".

     Meanwhile, under the symbol of Opposites, every time we open our newspaper, or check our mailbox we have yet another ethanol drug dealer telling us to "Buy drugs and get drugs FREE!" or "Double Up on their drugs, Multi-buy their drugs, Buy drugs and win prizes, and buy their drugs to get cheaper petrol". If you don't believe us, check the following pages. We have compiled a succinct collection of ethanol drug pushing paraphernalia that targets all ages, equally.

     Putting the drug ethanol into a child's hands is frowned upon, but blatant pushing and advocation in some of the most attractive ways possible, is (to quote an ethanol drug lord) "all good, mate"........this is nothing but a blatant targeting of legal drug intoxication being forced on the next generation, combined with the deception of, "It's not a drug, it's just a drink".

     Even with the slogan, "Alcohol is a drug...TOO!" it is going to take a long time to undo the damage unleashed by drug policy and buzzword 'legal' drug cartels in this country.  Thanks to the 'work' of Politicians, Police, Media, Sports etc. who have more than advocated this drug on a regular basis, ethanol drug deception is at its height.


                           Where is alcohol on the drug charts?



Very strange that some drugs are 'unclassified' just because they are so-called 'legal/licit'. ALL drugs should be classified under the same Criteria of Harm- (mortality, morbidity, toxicity, addictiveness, & relationship with crime).   

                                        Toxicity of recreational drugs

   The most toxic recreational drugs, such as GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) and heroin, have a lethal dose less than 10 times their typical effective dose.

    The largest cluster of substances has a lethal dose that is 10 to 20 times the effective dose: These include cocaine, MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine, often called "ecstasy") and alcohol.

    A less toxic group of substances, requiring 20 to 80 times the effective dose to cause death, include Rohypnol (flunitrazepam or "roofies") and mescaline (peyote cactus). The least physiologically toxic substances, those requiring 100 to 1,000 times the effective dose to cause death, include psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis, when ingested. I've found no published cases in the English language that document deaths from smoked cannabis, so the actual lethal dose is a mystery. My surmise is that smoking cannabis is more risky than eating it but still safer than getting drunk.

    Alcohol thus ranks at the dangerous end of the toxicity spectrum. So despite the fact that about 75 percent of all adults in the United States enjoy an occasional drink, it must be remembered that alcohol is quite toxic.

    Indeed, if alcohol were a newly formulated beverage, its high toxicity and addiction potential would surely prevent it from being marketed as a food or drug. This conclusion runs counter to the common view that one's own use of alcohol is harmless. 

    Also, as most people are well aware, a substantial proportion of violent confrontations, rapes, suicides, automobile accidents and AIDS-related illnesses are linked to alcohol in-toxic-ation, ( well as 60 different medical conditions). 

                     Why is alcohol toxic to the body?

     Alcohol/ the drug ethanol turns into acetaldehyde in the saliva of the mouth. Acetaldehyde is at least 8 times more toxic than alcohol itself. The liver can process  2 x 10gr doses of the drug ethanol in the first hour, after that 1 x 10gr dose every hour. Any more than that, and the liver has to work harder...and harder...and harder. It has to work even harder still if your liver is already unhealthy.  Bingeing/ethanol drug abuse does not help the liver to do its job at all!  Toxins build up in the body and the result is a hangover, vomitting, and any number of other negative side effects. It can even lead to death.  The true name of a 'hangover' is acetaldehyde, neurotoxic poisoning.

    As the body processes acetaldehyde (providing it hasn't been bombarded, and also provided the liver and other bodily organs are working properly), it turns into acetate and then into CO2 and water and is eliminated from the body.  

     It is vitally important to stagger your drug dose (1x10gr) and drink water in between to help wash the toxins through the body as soon as possible. You can still enjoy a night out (mind you, whoever said you have to have alcohol to enjoy yourself...besides those in power and prestige ie Politicians, Police, Media, Sporting Bodies, fashion Bodies, Music & Celebrities and even parents) - but.....when you do enjoy your night out and your drug of choice with it, do it  in a kind and respectful way to your body (of which your brain, liver and kidneys are a major and vital part).

     Acute ethanol drug abuse and chronic ethanol drug abuse......

.....these two definitions, at the moment, are defined by two 'buzzword' statements - acute ethanol drug abuse is lovingly called 'binge-drinking' and chronic ethanol drug abuse combined with chronic ethanol drug addiction is called 'alcoholism'.

    Both can be avoided by the individual choosing to respect the drug they have chosen to consume, by having the drug lords who deal the drug teaching respect, as well as all aspects of what the drug they deal, traffic in and manufacture.

They should be letting people know what their drug is truly capable of when abused, with both acute and chronic side effects and social issues displayed for all to the exact same way that they now colourfully and attractively advertise their drug products in every medium for all to see.

                Responsible Service of Alcohol

   At the moment, all we get is  Enjoy responsibly; Drink Responsibly, and   All these are nothing but a joke (much of the time the phrases are even smaller than they are here), just like the Responsible Service of Alcohol which irresponsibly does not state, "We deal drugs", does not put out any warning signs of what this drug can do, and advertises to all and sundry in some of the most irresponsible fashions imaginable.

    Another irresponsible service (which they take no responsibility for) is that the pubs/clubs etc (which are ethanol drug dealing and consumption establishments with a beer garden that accepts all ages and targets all ages), get the 'patron' /ethanol drug consumer to the point of intoxication/'drunkenness', then they say, "Sorry, we can't serve you anymore, you're drunk", and they turf you out on the street for the rest of the populace to cope with.

     84% of street and pub assaults state this loud and clear. The others go home and contribute to 74% of domestic violence and 45% of reported child abuse.  The simple fact is, that people who abuse one thing usually end up abusing everything.

     However, instead of teaching RESPECT for ethanol drug taking, we have Politicians releasing statements like this. The Hon. David Oldfield stated, "If you feel the need to have a big night on the grog (a big night of ethanol drug abuse) and you do not have the capacity to retain a reasonable level of control of yourself, then a 'quiet night' in the 'safety' of your own home is a better option". 

    Unfortunately, 74% of domestic violence and 45% of reported child abuse get afflicted on family members, and friends, who because of an individual's chosen drug abuse, do not have a 'quiet night' and do not 'feel safe' in their own home.  

    The abuser does not even have to go to the pub/club first, as 1/3 of homes in Australia have a 'beer fridge' or bar in their own home (news article stated that every third house has a beer fridge) , or they can pick up as much 'grog' (the psychoactive, recreational, party drug of choice) as they like at their local family supermarket.

     Responsible service is to actually be teaching people exactly what alcohol is and exactly what it does and tell people to respect it as the toxic drug it is and the dangers that come with abusing it. Instead, it gets called a 'drink', 'beverage', anything but a drug and it is advertised as a 'drink' and not a drug. 

    It is also advertised in a fun, celebratory, and in as attractive a way as possible with easy to remember jingles and slogans, bright colours, celebrities and mascots,  and clothing, as well as being all over the sports fields and the players, and also on family-oriented tv programmes that often have scenes in the pub. 

    Just because beer, wines and spirits are not actually put into the hands of the child does not mean that they are not pushing drugs on children.   Children see, children do

All you have to do is add the word 'drug' to ethanol drug cartel slogans and you end up with.....

    "Stay true to drugs" - Jim Beam.    " Drugs live here" - Jack Daniels.   "A hard earned thirst needs a big cold drug, and the best cold drug is......?"   "Life's a breeze with drugs" - Bacardi Breezer.  "Drugs - What mate's do".   And   "Drugs are all good mate" - Toohey's New.  "I feel like a drug, I feel like a drug, I feel like a drug or two". - Toohey's.   "Shout More Drugs".  "Drugs and sport are brothers-in-arms"  - Bundaberg Rum.  "  "Flash drugs" - Carlton Draught and let's not forget, "Who is James Boag?" - He's an ethanol drug lord.......and so on and so forth.

    Then we've got Supermarket drug slogans: "Double Up on drugs". 'Multi-Buy drugs". "Buy drugs and win prizes". "Cheap petrol when you buy our drugs". "Premium Drug Sale". "Check out our fantastic new drugs". "Top drug catches. Catch a drug bargain  - Howzat!"                                                               


               See other sections for more

               on the above subjects